Who are we?

Bucle Ventures is formed by Joaquín Cuenca, Jose Florido, Manuel Gutiérrez, Ana Belén Ramón and Alejandro Sánchez. We collaborated on Loquo (acquired by eBay on 2005), and built Panoramio (acquired by Google on 2007), Freepik (leading design resources search engine), (leading online soccer community in Spain), and Wepoke. Other experienced founders will join us on weekly events where they will share their views and offer feedback. Bernardo Quintero, founder of VirusTotal (acquired by Google on 2012), will be present on these meetings. This way our project is supported by the founders of the only two Spanish companies that have been acquired by Google so far.

What do we do?

We help early stage startups providing our experience creating Internet projects and growing them. We invest our time, talent, connections and seed money in exchange of 5% of the company's equity.

During the program we'll spend Fridays with the startup teams to review progress, offer advice and help with difficulties and challenges. We'll help founders to improve performance and scalability of their software, lower their infraestructure costs, run effective marketing campaigns, build a friendlier and easier to use app, etc. Once the project is mature, we'll help fund it with private investors.

Who will we help?

We'll only help software startups, specially those focused on web and mobile. There are many other interesting fields, but we don't have experience on them and our help wouldn't be efective.

We will select 4 startups every 6 months. During the 6 months that the program lasts, we require the teams to work from our offices in Málaga once a week, on Fridays.

How to apply?

Send us an email to with a short description of your project. 3 or 4 lines should be enough. Add a bio of the founders. We'd like to know about your previous achievements: have you won a coding competition? participated on a open source project? designed a digital product that you are proud of? Add your github / bitbucket / dribbble username too.

If you have a business plan, you can print it, burn it and scatter its ashes into the sea. It's not a requirement, but it'll be a beutiful gesture.